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Please Complete this application so OPP, Inc. may assist you in finding a special, compatible companion to join your family. Please understand that not all families and pets are compatible and we want to ensure the welfare of the animal by placing pets in the best possible home. We reserve the right to decline any application for any reason.

The adoption fee ranges between $150-$300 for each animal. The adoption fee includes the costs of spaying/ neutering, heartworm testing, vaccinating and microchipping all of our pets. It rarely, if ever, covers all expenses, so therefore additional tax deductible contributions are always welcomed.


Please make any check donations payable to Our Pet Project, Inc.

Adoption Application

* You must be age 21 or over to be eligible to adopt.

I want a dog that is..
My pet will live..
How long will your pet be alone during the day?
Do you currently have a pet
Are ALL of your current pets spayed/neutered?
I have cats
I have dogs
What pets have you owned in the past?
Do you rent or own your home?

Veterinarian Address and Phone (Current or Previous)

If you are interested in a certain dog/cat, please fill in their name below