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Rescue is my Favorite Breed

Fill out the application below to save a life

Adoption Application
Must be at least 18 to apply

We Will Reach Out Shortly with the Next Steps!

The Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in helping to save a life by adopting a pet to join your family. Please remember that adopting an animal is a SERIOUS commitment. Both dogs and cats cost money and require lots of attention and love. With said, we ask that you seriously think through your decision.

  • Yearly Medical Expenses (e.g. vaccinations, monthly heartworm prevention, etc.) and occasional emergencies

  • Quality food (please, no "grain free")

  • A good, secure fence (no underground/invisible fencing/runners/cables) is required

  • Grooming

  • Boarding (when you must be away from home) or in-home care services

  • Training

  • Toys, collars, leashes, bedding, etc.


 Despite our best efforts and the efforts of rescue groups across the country, hundreds of dogs and cats are euthanized every year because there are more homeless pets than there are homes available.  The suffering and needless deaths of these dogs could be eliminated if only responsible owners would spay and neuter their pets. Additionally, too many animals are adopted and returned simply because folks didn't think adoption through. We highly suggest that you research what is best for your particular situation, read some books, research on-line, and plan to participate in a training course in order to make the adoption experience a positive and lasting one. OPP is not interested in placing pets into homes​ "until the children grow up" or "until the baby is born" or "until the family loses interest".  We need to teach our children, and remind ourselves, to cherish and care for these unique four-legged  animals just as we would other family members.

Our adoption fee ranges between $300-$450 for each animal.   The adoption fee includes the costs of spay/neutering, heartworm testing, deworming, flea/tick prevention, vaccinating and microchipping all of our pets.  It rarely covers all expenses, so therefore additional tax deductible contributions are always welcomed and appreciated.

*Like Texas Animal Shelters, stray/abandoned dogs are held in our rescue for 72 hours.  If an owner does not reclaim the animal within this time period, they are considered the rescues property and will be adopted out.

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